The highest level of rehabilitation therapy can provide the best foundation for creating an athletic body.


The keys are receiving superior bodywork therapy while training the best basic strengthening and flexibility exercises for each step in the process.


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Circa 2003 teaching at my Martial Art School.

-Daniel Carr



Defined in a number of ways, "prehabilitation" can refer to all of the following:


  • A regimen of therapy, exercise, stretching, and movement training designed to improve athletic performance and health by increasing muscular symmetry, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular capacity.
  • A combination of strength and flexibility training with proactive therapies that aims to prevent athletic injuries before the actual occurrence.
  • The process of enhancing functional capacity of an individual in both the "pre-op/surgical" and "post-op/surgical" environments to enable them to withstand the stressors of inactivity and reduced capacity associated with an orthopedic procedure. Done in the pre-op stage, the goal is to eliminate the need for surgery.


Mission Statement

To eliminate all chronic pain, historical injuries, and existing structural physical deficiencies so that the individual may improve performance in all activities and reduce the recurrence of injury.


Video Review: An Incredible Success Story


Dr. Vincent Stark details his journey to being >able to run again after a serious motorbike accident in Thailand that had the surgeons considering amputating his lower leg...and how Daniel Carr's command of peripheral nervous system therapy, scar-tissue elimination, and rehab exercises in the "post-op" environment provided him with the opportunity.



The highest level of "rehab" technology can now the be the "prehab" for your body going into the future.


What this means is that the most elite treatments and processes from rehabilitation are now available to correct your body's historical injuries and current asymmetries that are holding you back from reaching your peak performance. In addition to gaining performance, you will reduce the probability of injury going into the future.


If you are in pain and want to get back on track so you can work out harder than ever before, this process can provide the shortest time frame between eliminating the pain and improving your performance in your sport.


Has the rehab you have undergone previously corrected and strengthened your body so completely that you will not reinjure yourself in the same place in the same way?


Using the highest level techniques from Eastern Bodywork, Martial Arts Strengthening, and Yoga Physical Therapy, I have helped hundreds of people heal chronic pain and then strengthen their anatomical architecture so they can train harder, live longer and more vigorously...with a body that is more resilient than before the injury that brought them to rehab.


Please check my Google+ Reviews to understand how powerful these treatments and exercise programs are. Many of my clients who reviewed had received lesser treatment therapies from doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and physical therapists before seeing me.


What is necessary to achieve the highest result is an understanding of the body from the perspective of both an elite athlete and a master healer. Here is the TRUTH that ultimately determines how your body moves through three dimensional space:




Shifting the emphasis away from solely the muscles and the bones to include and highlight the nervous system produces the highest level result in athletics, rehab, chronic pain therapy, and prehab. The nervous system is the "control center" for the body and dictates what is happening at the level of the muscular and skeletal systems.


I have taught Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Hatha Yoga for over two decades and use this skill in administering Blind Thai Massage and Chinese Tui Na treatments for structural injuries. All of these modalities utilize the "energy meridians". Do not be fooled: the nervous system is the "skeleton" for the energy of the body. Energy meridians/"Nadis"/"Sen Lines" are very much correlated to the nerves of the body.





The body becomes more asymmetric with age due to normal wear and tear accidents and misadventures that further skew the balance of the left and right sides.


Repetitive motion situations like athletics further ingrain these injury derived imbalances into the body as the peripheral nervous system adapts to and compensates for these new injured areas. Right and left side compensate for each other's deficiencies as time progresses after the injury and the body is called on to perform in new activities.


Scar tissue adhesions further complicate the injured areas by holding muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones in compromised positions and therefore limiting range of motion and muscle recruitment. These areas naturally are the first places to be stressed when physical pressure increases beyond a normal range, making them the likely candidates to become injured again.